Covid-19 Studio Adaptations & Guidelines 

Entering The Studio

All classes are to be entered and exited by the designated outside doors:

Room 1 – The door by the dumpster and left of the main door
Room 2/3 – Main lobby door, doors will be propped open to prevent handling.
Room 4 - The door to the right of the main lobby door which is around the front and through the





Teachers will be wearing a mask at all times.


Dancers are required to wear masks.


Dancers will be asked to sanitize their hands as they enter and exit the class room.


The doors to outside will be propped open for more air circulation.


Each dancer will have a designated square in the dance room that is 8x 8 to adhere to


guidelines while exercising. 


Each dancer will need a yoga mat, all floor work will be done on their personal mat.


1 bathroom will be open for dancers and will be sanitized after each person uses.


There is no waiting room or force room.


We ask that all parents stay in their cars or outside the building at all times. Parents can


walk their dancers to the outside door and meet them there at the end of class.


All dancers must come to class prepared for class. No changing clothing at the studio


There are no water fountains so bring your own labeled water bottle

All touchable surfaces will be disinfected between each class.