OYT is excited to announce a new partnership with Dancing Wheels!

The Dancing Wheels Company & School’s Mission:


To educate, advocate and entertain through integrated dance (goals that each of our teachers and dancers share with heartfelt commitment). Reaching the community through educational programming and performances is an important and fulfilling part of The Dancing Wheels Company’s mission and philosophy. With dancers representing diversity of age, ethnicity, gender and physical ability, the Company embodies the message of equality and accessibility. We aim to demonstrate to children and adults that inclusion can exist in the arts, and dreams can be achieved through perseverance and belief in oneself.










Class Information:

Through the use of music and movement in a joyful and fun environment, students in the class will be introduced to ways that they can move and translate movements to suit their abilities. For example, a “stand up” dancer may lift their leg while a “sit down” dancer may translate that same movement by lifting their arm. In doing so, participants will work on their gross motor skills as well as improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Social interaction, teamwork, and following directions are stressed in a fun and encouraging manner through all activities. Incorporated into each class are themes and dances that each and every participant can relate to, such as the use of color and number coordination. Students in the class will also learn various styles of dance, as well as creative movement activities. The concepts of locomotor and non-locomotor movements will be taught, as well as rhythm exercises and use of dance with props. Along with the concepts of dance and movement fundamentals, other forms of dance such as yoga and flexibility will be introduced.

The personal goals of each student will be explored and augmented during the class. Overall, the class aims to improve socialization, communication, body awareness and motor development. We aim to develop their sense of self-awareness, as well as awareness of those around them. But most importantly, we hope to have these children forget about their disabilities, take pride in their abilities, and just have fun!